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Ticks & Pets 101

Ticks & Pets 101

One of the more disgusting things to find on your pet is a big fat tick attached to the skin.

First, to find ticks, rub your hands all over your pet, making sure not to forget in the ears, between the toes and around the anus. When you find one, use fine tweezers to gently pull upward to remove the tick. Do not twist or jerk the tick. If the mouthpiece of the tick is left behind, try to get it with the tweezers, but if you cannot get it, your pet is likely to be ok. 

Do not squish the tick with your fingers. Wrap it in plastic or put it in a zip lock bag and kill it. If you kill it with your hands there is a small chance of you being infected with a tick born disease.

Ideally, if you live in an area where ticks are a problem, your pet will be on a medication to prevent infestation. Remember, ticks can kill by either blood loss or by transmitting diseases. Watch our video to learn more. Call us for more information.

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