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Cat Friendly Practice

Cat Friendly Practice

At Chateau Veterinary Hospital, we know cats are very special pets—and we also happen to think that people who have cats in the family are pretty special as well!

Certified Cat Friendly Practice - Chateau Veterinary Hospital

That’s why we have made the effort to become a Certified Cat-Friendly Practice through the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). This is a very prestigious distinction and one we have worked hard to achieve because we understand that cats need very specific and particular care and handling.

Some of the extra efforts we make for our feline patients include:

  • a separate waiting area and exam room for cats with special details for a better experience
  • special feline education and training for our medical team and staff
  • examinations can be performed in your arms or in a lap if your cat is more comfortable
  • use of calming pheromones
  • an assortment to treats, toys, and catnip for a more positive experience for your pet

Making your cat’s visit less stressful also starts at home. Click here to read about how you can help prepare your cat for a vet visit so it’s better for both of you.

You’re also welcome to call us at 504-467-6431 if you have any questions or need more assistance.

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