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Fear Free Halloween Tips for your Pets

Fear Free Halloween Tips for your Pets

Fear Free Halloween Tips for your Pets 

Many in New Orleans love Halloween. What’s not to like about another chance to dress up, party, and eat? Plenty if you are a dog or a cat!! So let’s avoid the tricks for our pets and stick with the treats (healthy pet snacks, please)

Costumes: While it is hard to resist that dachshund dressed as a hot dog of the cat as Cat Dracula, your pet may be less enthralled with this idea than you are. Many dogs and most cats find wearing a costume a stressful event. If your pet has never worn a costume, try it on before the big event. If they seem unhappy or uncomfortable, settle for a Halloween themed collar or bandana.               

Candy: It goes without saying that your pet does not need to eat candy (or wrappers) for Halloween. Keep the treats somewhere that your little goblin cannot get to them when your back is turned. Chocolate or candies sweetened with xylitol can be toxic to your pet.

Doorbell or Knockers: A doorbell or a knock on the door may elicit excitement or stress for your pet, but even the pet that enjoys visitors may not look kindly on the multitudes, costumed and screaming, while apparently trying to invade their home. That’s a lot of scariness that may necessitate protecting their people and their home. It would be best if you sit outside your door without your pet to greet visitors, or have your pet in a back room or in their crate throughout the night.

Your costume: If you plan on dressing up and making strange noises, please let your pet see that it is you and get used to the noises before the big event.

Escaping: Please make sure that your pet is kept in a safe place, like a closed room, or in their crate, to prevent them from darting out of the door. Now that would be a terrifying end to Halloween for both you and your pet.

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