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10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs

10 Christmas Gifts for Dogs

1. Fitbark: Like a Fitbit for your dog, it is small enough to fit on his collar and synchs with your phone to monitor his activity. It will motivate you to get up and take him for one more walk. Stella loves that!  

2. Furbo Camera: A camera to monitor your pet when you aren’t home, it also allows you to talk to him and to shoot treats out. Franklin just received one and is trying it out.

3. Ball Launcher: What’s not to love? It allows you to throw the ball further and your pup gets more exercise.

4. Puzzle Feeding Toy: Intellectual stimulation combined with eating. Get several and mix them up.

5. Kong Toys: Put some peanut butter or squirt cheese inside, place in freezer and give to your pet when you leave. Help make that alone time a little more palatable.

6. A new bed: Stella thinks this is a great idea.

7. Dog treats that are less than 3 calories per treat: This will start you on the right step for our New Year’s resolutions. Bil Jac’s Little Gooberlicious have 2.7 calories per treat and are made in the US. 

8. New harness and leash: With your new Fitbark, you will want to take more walks and harnesses are better for almost all dogs to prevent damaging their throat.

9. Brush: This brush works really well at getting knots out and at removing cypress needles and pine needles. 

       Brush website:

10. Last, but certainly not least, Saints gear!  

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