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Puppy Care

Puppy Care

Puppies bring so much joy, love and fun to a household—and lots of responsibility, too.  Let’s get your baby’s life off to a good start!

As soon as possible (preferably within the first 48 hours) we need to meet your puppy in person. Chateau Veterinary Hospital is a Fear Free Certified hospital, which means you have chosen the best place for your little one. We are trained to provide compassionate, individualized care and to make sure this first vet appointment is a positive experience so that future visits are easier for both you and your pet.

At this first appointment, we will perform a complete nose to tail examination, parasite testing and advise you on the best medical care for your puppy, appropriate training and nutrition. In addition, you will receive a sample of puppy food, free heartworm medication, free flea medication, and brochures on kitten care. We will also discuss:

  • Vaccinations – puppies need a series of initial vaccinations to protect them from serious illnesses and potentially life-threatening diseases
  • Parasite prevention – fleas, ticks, mites, worms, and heartworm
  • Housebreaking – methods and solutions
  • Behavior/Socialization – two of the most important things for a puppy parent to do is start training and socialization early
  • Crate Training – in southern Louisiana, it’s a good idea to familiarize your dog with a crate early for evacuation purposes
  • Calming Pheromones – we use and recommend Adaptil collars, sprays and diffusers to help your puppy adjust and be less stressed in a new environment

We can’t wait to meet your precious new family member! Have questions or want to make an appointment? Call us at 504-467-6431.

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