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Your Pet’s First Visit

Your Pet’s First Visit

We are so excited to meet your dog or cat, puppy or kitten and would like to make their first visit as happy as possible. So let’s discuss what we can do together.

First, gather any records you may have for your pet, any medications your pet takes, and note exactly what foods and treats your pet routinely eats (a photo on your phone is great for this.) Bring as much of this as you can with you. Don’t worry if that is not possible, we will figure it out.

Second, don’t feed your pet for several hours before the visit. This will allow us, if health and circumstance permit, to make your pet’s visit more pleasant by giving treats. We want him/her to find the visit as enjoyable as possible so that your pet will not fear future visits. This is why we are a Fear Free Certified Hospital.

For the car ride, your cat or small dog is safer in a carrier. The carrier should be strapped in with a seat belt if possible. Ideally, dogs should not ride in the front seat or in your lap. An accident in which the air bag deploys can kill them! Keep the car temperature cool and play calming music. Animals like classical music and reggae!

If your pet is terrified of other animals or terrorizes them, let us know before you come. We may have you wait in your car if we cannot get you immediately into an examine room.

We are looking forward to meeting your pet and helping to make the experience as Fear Free as possible. Watch our video to learn more tips. Call us if you have any concerns.

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