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Teaching Tug

Teaching Tug

Teaching tug to puppies allows a way to exercise your pup while you sit on the couch!     

First, get a rope toy or other long safe toy that your pup may like. You should be able to hold the toy about a foot away from your pup’s mouth.

Next, show the pup the toy as if it is the most exciting thing in the world. Shake it gently, say take it, and act like you have the best toy in the world. Offer the pup the toy and gently tug it.

To teach release, have delicious treats, show one to your pup, say drop it, and immediately give the treat and praise your puppy.    

If your puppy becomes too aroused, starts biting closer to you, or seems to be losing control, stop immediately and let him calm down. Tug, like Saints football games, can become too exciting your pup and thus encourage overly aggressive behavior.

Some play growling is fine. Do not violently shake your pup with the tug toy. He can be injured.

Most young children will not be able to control a pup tug of war game. Supervise carefully to prevent an out of control pup.

Done correctly, tug is a game both you and your pup can enjoy.

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